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In my search to find something that I actually enjoy doing and other people enjoy me doing it, I decided to try out Source Filmmaker. I have been intimidated by it and also voice acting, now I am trying to force myself to try both and see where it goes. I have a youtube account called "The Gruddie" where I will post my newest piles of crap as I learn how to do this shit, although it takes a little bit more effort to get it on here I would not like to neglect this site from my works as this site has given me so much motivation to keep going and essentially made me what I am today. Newgrounds is wonderful and hopefully I will be able to provide something here to show my gratitude. 

Voice acting....ggggwwaarrrr

2011-05-17 01:49:07 by McPhearson

I decided to try some voice work, check it out and lemme know what you think. I'm considering making it a series of their troubled relationship. It will give me an excuse to perfect the voices rather than ignoring them and moving on. My biggest regret is eating pizza before recording it and never washing it down with anything, made it quite difficult...

BLah, Blah, blah, blah!!!

2009-04-26 15:07:29 by McPhearson

I have started using Reason 4, and I must say it is awesome. Although it does seem to lack some things that I loved in FL8, that or I just haven't discovered the equivalent yet. I would love to start shitting out new songs every week so that I could be proud of myself and maybe convince my mother to love me again, but I get too distracted by all the nobs and shiny buttons! Right now I want to be able to get Thor to say some stuff other than "IIIIIEEEEE AAAMMM TTTHHHOOORRR, HHHHUUUURRGGGG" it takes forever to find a sound that has the flexibility to sound out syllables and then adjust the sequence to pronounce it correctly, I dunno how long this will take me, but I must master it!

While I fuck around with that I'm also making another song on the side, maybe I will get to finishing it in a week or so.

Blah Blah Blah!!

2009-03-02 13:01:53 by McPhearson

I decided to venture off from my traditional 140 tempo, I am lazy and did not want to try anything new. After messing around with 175 for a bit I think I may have stumbled across a winner here. Now all I need to do is manage to complete the song, and not fuck it up in any way, lol

Blah Blah!

2009-02-27 13:06:08 by McPhearson

Had some time to fool around with the newer FL8 that I got recently, it is pretty cool. I like how there is a more dedicated portion to inserted audio, and the features it gives you to edit them, I have been tinkering with that mainly. The fx are a lot easier to use as well, that or I'm just an idiot and didn't know how to use them effectively in FL5. Probably the latter.


2009-02-20 15:10:38 by McPhearson

Got a lot of stuff going on right now, so I may not be making more submissions for a while. I want to keep messing around with FL until I feel confident to start branching out to other programs or hardware, but progress has become slow at the moment. I'll will declare when I am able to continue my learning!